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Season Two - Episode Seven


Mental load. We all have it, some of us get to share it. Others of us take it all on. Our advice? Hold a meeting and DROP THE BALL!

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Season Two - Episode Eight


New parenthood can be incredibly tough - that's why you need your peeps! But does timing and geography mean instant support or are mums' groups just a Letdown? #theletdown

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Season Two - Episode Nine


 Nic & Dr Rach talk about how pregnancy and birth are depicted in comedy specials by two of the best - Amy Schumer and Ali Wong....and also go on about some guy called Russell. 

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Season Two - Episode Ten


Sisters ARE doing it for themselves! We talk all things sisters - from Frozen to the Kardashians - Sisters to Pride & Prejudice. What do sister and sister-like relationships do for us all?

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Season Three - Episode One


 Nic & Dr Rach dissect Amy Poehler's directorial debut Wine Country, and talk about how female friendships are formed, maintained and sometimes lost. 

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Can you believe we made it?


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Season Two - Episode One


We're baaaaaaccckkkkk! Season Two kicks off with a chat about Bluey, Grl Powr and family. Dr Rach makes Nic drink herbal tea.

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Season Two - Episode Two


Nic shares her fave film with Dr Rach (all the while panicking that Rach might not love it as much as she does). It's Parenthood!

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Season Two - Episode Three


CW: we discuss Netflix series Afterlife - so themes of death, suicide and drugs are explored - in a really uplifting way! :)

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Season Two - Episode Four


We're talking all things step....step-parents, step-kids, step-siblings. How do step-families work? Is the Brady Bunch all that? (and a bag of chips?)

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Season Two - Episode Five


We're recording on Mother's Day so what better to talk about than the wonder that is mums. Plus some shameless newborn royal discussion....because squidgy newborn deliciousness! 

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Season Two - Episode Six


Nic & Dr Rach talk a little #auspol election but really focus on Wall. E and how really, you can be the change you want to see in the world - regardless of who the government is.

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Episode One - The Pilot - What is all this about then?


Episode One is when Rach & Nic work out how to use the mics

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Episode Two - Christopher Robin & the importance of play


Episode Two is when Rach & Nic talk creativity, Pooh and play!

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Episode Three - Daring Greatly + Being Good Enough


Episode Three is when Nic & Rach fangirl over Brene Brown and talk ticks. Ewww.

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Episode Four - Big Magic + Doing The Thing


Episode Four has us talking creativity, Elizabeth Gilbert and a dubious Julia Roberts sighting....

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Episode Five - Inside Out + Feeling the Feels


Episode Five sees Nic & Rach discuss the joy (pun totally intended) of Pixar's "Inside Out" - and why it's so important to feel the feels....

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Episode Six - Nanette + Being Female


Episode Six sees Rach & Nic talk the phenomenon that is Hannah Gadsby's Nanette - & Perinatal Mental Health Week

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Episode Seven - Red Table Talk + Realities of Marriage


Dr Rach & Nic discuss the phenomenon that is Jada Pinkett-Smith's Facebook series, "Red Table Talk" - and get real about marriage 

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Episode Eight - Home Alone + The Intensity of Christmas


It's the Christmas episode! We discuss the joy that is 'Home Alone'  parenting fails, kid resilience and the intensity of Christmas

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Episode Nine - Momsplaining + Parental Expectations


We talk Kristen Bell's Ellentube series, "Momsplaining" & the weight of parental expectations.   in the words of Kristen's screen sister - "Let it go" :) 

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Episode Ten - Stepbrothers + Failure to Launch


Dr Rach delights in finding Nic's kryptonite - stoopid films! We ask why some people are afraid to be grown ups.

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Episode Eleven - Instant Family + It Takes a Village


We talk about "Instant Family" and how it really does take a village to raise a child. 

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That's it for season one, folks!


See you all back here mid-March for more PTKO madness! Thanks for listening. 

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